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Deryk at Ogden Point, Victoria, BC. (photo by Elizabeth)

From 2013 to the present, a main project has been the Woodwynn Peace Garden at Woodwynn Farms, a therapeutic community for the homeless. The Peace Garden includes a labyrinth with herbs, fruits and vegetables incorporated.

I am currently featured at Art Works Gallery in Vancouver as well as Sooke Harbour House and my wife Elizabeth has her glass-on-glass mosaics there too.

and I also have work available at Merridale Cider and the Avens Gallery in Canmore Alberta.


The "Love" show - a series of paintings inspired by Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles, opened in Vancouver on Feb 12, 2016 at Art Works Gallery
(604) 688-3301
and continued till March 6, 2016


Peace Garden Sculpture: This entire site is an earthen work sculpture. Scale: one acre. The site includes edible sage and lavender, apple trees, kiwi trees, and berry bushes. Central Saanich,Victoria BC Canada. 

Proposed Artist Retreat and Therapeutic Community in New Brunswick: 

We are seeking like minded people to help play a part in making this happen. Learn more about what we are trying to create.


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Title: “Imagine”

Size: 36″X60″

Price: $4,900.00 SOLD

Acrylic on canvas.

I am fascinated by how ancient people left their mark on cave walls, surface of rocks and on the landscape. This idea has been unfolding for thousands of years. We  still do this today in a real sense, in lecture halls with blackboards  filled with long equations. Scientists, philosophers and ordinary people are still trying to make sense of our world, just as ancient people did in their day.

It’s for this reason that I am pulled towards including equations, formulas and marks on the surface of my paintings.

I also love cosmology. (The study of the large scale universe.) In my paintings, I make comments about “The Big Bang”, or the red shift. All my life  I have felt that the big bang might be one of astronomy’s biggest mistakes, even though it is the most accepted theory by astronomers today. I also like to throw in references to world politics. 

Spirals also interest me. Spider webs, sea shells, labyrinths…….repeated ancient use of these basic shapes in art etc etc. 

I like the idea of mankind taking his love for leaving his mark on the surface of cave walls and then taking that same idea to the surface of another celestial body.

My dream is to do a spiral design using the tracks of a rover on the surface of the moon. I am excited to report that I have made some very tangible progress. 

My belief is that art is equally as important as science.




Title: “Leaving our Mark”  

Size: 30″X 60″

Price: $4,600.00 (Available at Artworks Gallery in Vancouver BC)


Title: Stephen Hawking’s    

Acrylic on canvas: 24″X30″ 

Price: $2,100.00 (Available at Sooke Harbour House, Sooke BC Canada.)


Title: Carl Sagan 

Size: 24″X36″

Price: $2,100.00 (acrylic on canvas)


Title: Heisenburg   


Price: $2,100.00



Title: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Another one of my favourite songs. Lot’s of words written on the meaning of this one. Trying to know the actual truth is difficult to figure out. I go with what Paul said it was about.


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$2,400.00 (SOLD)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas





Title: Yeah Yeah Yeah

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 36″X72″ (three panels


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Price:$4,900.00 (SOLD)

This piece references Eleanor Rigby and some of the early songs by the Beatles as they burst onto the music scene. (It’s interesting to also think of the lonely people who might have wandered the streets after losing friends and loved ones during the war.)


Title: Mr.Kite



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I am interested in how artists get inspiration and I like how John Lennon bounced ideas off an old circus poster he found in a shop. In this series I have gone with that idea. If an association leaps into my brain I just go with it and include it into the work. Sort of like “Going with the force”:)


Title: Into the Light of the Dark Black Night



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Price:$4,900.00 (SOLD)

These words are beautiful to me. “Into the Light of the Dark Black Night”. A blackbird flies just above the horizon in the piece if you look closely.

When I was a little boy, I would go for walks across the fields in Scotland and delight in collecting black feathers. They seemed so black and perfectly designed in their beauty. I suppose that it why this song stirs past emotions and memories for me.


Title: “Revolution”

Another one of my favourite songs. I included the words told by Richard Feynman, (actually a proverb of the Buddhist religion) “To Every man is given a key to heaven. The same key opens the gates to hell.”

It is easy to say it is time for a revolution but there is good and evil in all of us. How we make choices is always difficult.


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Price: $2,300.00

Medium:Acrylic on canvas


If you would like to be on the list for the opportunity to pre purchase one of these exclusive paintings, please contact ARTWORKS GALLERY in Vancouver. (604) 688-3301

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