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Deryk at Ogden Point, Victoria, BC. (photo by Elizabeth)

From 2013 to the present, a main project has been the Woodwynn Peace Garden at Woodwynn Farms, a therapeutic community for the homeless. The Peace Garden includes a labyrinth with herbs, fruits and vegetables incorporated.

I am currently featured at Art Works Gallery in Vancouver as well as Sooke Harbour House and my wife Elizabeth has her glass-on-glass mosaics there too.

and I also have work available at Merridale Cider and the Avens Gallery in Canmore Alberta.


The "Love" show - a series of paintings inspired by Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles, opened in Vancouver on Feb 12, 2016 at Art Works Gallery
(604) 688-3301
and continued till March 6, 2016

“Sanctuary of Peace”

“Sanctuary of Peace” is a twenty three foot stainless steel sculpture designed and completed by my son Samuel and I.
We designed it for exhibition at the city of Sidney BC. It will be installed for one year.
This sculpture tested the limits of what we can build in the simple workshop in our backyard. Our shed is only sixteen feet and the sculpture is twenty three:)
I have to say that Samuel did a brilliant job. When we laid out the first side sections of cut steel, I took a deep breath and it crossed my mind that perhaps we had bitten off more than we could chew.The whole thing seemed way to big. We had never tried to do such a tall sculpture before. My idea was to do it in sections and just keep feeding each section out the window. But Samuel felt that it would be best to do the complete side sections first and so I went with his judgement. His arguement was that the joints would then be staggered and therefore the end result would be a stronger product. He was right. But it did present us with construction challenges such as dealing with the full weight of the entire length of the piece. I constructed a heavy duty wood structure outside our little workshop and we laid it out. Our biggest challenge was dealing with the weight. Most of the four hundred and fifty pound weight is in the bottom ten feet of the sculpture. This gives it the stability it needs to stand without too much weight waving around near the top which would put enormous stress on the welds at the base.
We had to rotate everything and move everything by hand and as each new layer was added, the heavier it got. But we did manage.
At one point we called in help from my daighter Amy. her husband Tyler and their house mate Trevor and we managed to flip it over for the final seam weld. Everything was a challenge. We had to rotate it several times.The welding machine inside the shed had to be propped up on shelves just so that the power leads could be fished out to the end of the steel structure so that Samuel could complete the end base plate. We added some extra braces at the base to help add strength to the base. (We also took a page from the deep submarine engineeing tricks……. we installed crosse ribs inside the sculpture made from high density, non compression foam. It is amazing how much this technique adds strength and stops twisting of the shape. It yet adds zeo weight.)
Samuel rose to the challenge and I am exptremely proud of him. He loves welding and welding seems to love him.
The overall design is also more Samuels than mine. He sent me an e mail with the basic design and when I saw it……I could see that it took everything to a new level. It was ambitious on a technical level. But at the same time, using computer design and having the steel cut out by computer controlled, high pressure water jets, the main problem was simple logistics and managing the large weight issues.
And so we stuck with it and as you can see in the video clip….we managed to pull it off without loosing any fingers!
Moving it out to the front road in order to load it onto the truck was the hardest job. We had no room for lifting equipment because it had to weave it’s way through our garden and out to the road. We could not have done this without Tyler and Trevor and even Amy’s help. We moved it in incriments of one foot at a time. Lift and set down ..lift and set down……until we moved it the seventy feet needed to get it where we needed it.
I must say that I learned so much from my work in Iraq. The people there created monumental sculptures using the most simple techniques and without money.
Where there is a will there is a way. Samuel and I apply this beautiful idea to all our work.
After the sculpture has been on display in Sidney BC, it will be moved to the Peace Sanctuary Sculpture park in northern BC., near Hudson;s Hope.
Thanks to everyone for their help on this project. Gaston at “Crest Steel”, Jesse at “Victoria Waterjet”, and to Elizabeth……. for creating the video!
Thank you Samuel.
(That will do Samuel….that will do:)

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