Deryk Houston

Artist in Victoria, BC. Canada

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Deryk at Ogden Point, Victoria, BC. (photo by Elizabeth)

From 2013 to the present, a main project has been the Woodwynn Peace Garden at Woodwynn Farms, a therapeutic community for the homeless. The Peace Garden includes a labyrinth with herbs, fruits and vegetables incorporated.

I am currently featured at Art Works Gallery in Vancouver as well as Sooke Harbour House and my wife Elizabeth has her glass-on-glass mosaics there too.

and I also have work available at Merridale Cider and the Avens Gallery in Canmore Alberta.


The "Love" show - a series of paintings inspired by Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles, opened in Vancouver on Feb 12, 2016 at Art Works Gallery
(604) 688-3301
and continued till March 6, 2016

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


click on image to make larger:

Title:”Lucy in the Sky with diamonds”
medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 24″X36″

Story: Another one of my favourite songs. Lot’s of words written on the
meaning of this one. Trying to know the actual truth is difficult to
figure out. I go with what John Lennon said. He  swore that it was not
about LSD. He said his son Julian inspired the song with a nursery
school drawing he called “Lucy—in the sky with diamonds”. I guess we
will never fully know the truth. He always pulled peoples legs in
interviews etc.

3 minute video on “Changing our world one corner at a time”


Youtubes of the song:

Beatles original with lyrics:

Elton John recorded it in 1974

John Lennon explains – he looks sincere but was he really pulling our leg?

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